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Smart sharing solutions for mobility today and tomorrow

There is enormous growth both in city sizes and traffic routes. Whenever many people come together for a living or for work, there is plenty of room for new freedom that is gained by utilizing smart sharing solutions.

Green Mobility Solution (GMS) is your partner. We invent, research, develop and operate innovative sharing solutions. Just about right for improvements in daily living, meeting your demand.

Residing in the smart-cities-cluster of the digital city Darmstadt, Germany, we work on products that allow to make tomorrow take care about scarce resources and environmental sustainability.

Mobility is our main focus. With Book-n-Park Green Mobility Solutions offers a turn-key solution for smart parking already today. Parking barriers connected to and controled by internet enabled applications allow for safe, contact-less and comfortable operation using just a smartphone. Our online portal optionally offers administrative functionality, renting out of parking space including payment and the whole billing process. Sharing parking space really get’s easy. We integrate our digital control ability into a number of automated parking barriers. To the utmost comfort starting from single parking lots up to large parking areas.

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Our Products and Services

Design parking barrier 4.0

Not just looking really great but also innovative. In business environments, cities or at home. Blocks your parking without effort. Easy to install, no underground work, no cables or planning permission. Running from battery, XXL runtime up to 12 month and more.

Download als PDFFlyer parking barrier 4.0 (EN)

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Parking Gate 4.0

This solution is very well suited for huge parking areas or parking decks. Using Book-n-Park communication modules, existing gates can be easily retrofitted and integrated into our control and payment system. Existing access technologies (tokens, cards,…) remain untouched and working. Good to use in complex scenarios. Easily combinable with our Parking Barrier 4.0 for making single parking lots bookable.

Download als PDFFlyer Parking Gate 4.0 (EN)

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Parking chain 4.0

Handy option to control the entrance of large parking areas and shared acceses or a couple of parkings side-by-side. The motorized chain can be lowered in a rim for maximal comfort.

Download als PDFFlyer parking chain 4.0 (EN)

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Retractable parking bollards 4.0

Very classy and option when strolling pedestrians and car traffic come together. For entrances and larger parking areas, in pedestrian zones and shopping centers. Complex scenarios for suppliers, residents, craftsmen, taxi and other service providers can be handled.

Download als PDFFlyer parking bollard 4.0 (EN)

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Your Product 4.0

We can integrate with virtually any device with automatic locking. Whatever your challenge is, we accept it and will help you with our know-how in electronics design and mobility processes.

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The founders

Torsten Uhlig

Business Development / Support

I dream of an intelligent city where we can share our scarce resources in a fair and just manner. In my oppinion that’s the only way to make our citiy more livable and comfortable at the same time.

Mathias Hornjak

Engineering / Support

The work on seminal topics like intelligent parking and access systems as a special form of increasing digitalization tendencies opens up possibilites to engage myself with my knowledge and help shape the technological progress in our society.

Michael Schaab

Sales / Marketing

For me it’s a very interesting challenge to explain to decision-makers what innovative technology can contribute to a better economical and ecological sustainable future.

Green Mobility Solutions is always looking for talented people that want to work together with innovative employees and creative minds shaping the future of tomorrow. You are very welcome – either in marketing, sales or development. Just send us your unsolicited application.

Currently open positions:

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